Landfall & Onshore works

OCA provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all onshore works.

From the early stages of project development through to civil and construction completion, we offer planning, engineering, and management services to ensure your project is finished on time and budget.

Site selections is critical in the beginning phases, and we provide experience with geotechnical investigations, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), cable routing, and location services for the export cable landfall, transition joint bays (TJB), substations, and grid interconnection.

Our professionals offer QA/QC oversight throughout cable and equipment manufacturing process, as well as all civil construction.

Our project engineers are skilled in creating and managing all required documentation including RFIs, RFPs, and NCRs while providing an onsite resource for real time information. From conduit proofing, soil analysis, concrete testing, and equipment specifications, we are committed to ensuring all contractual obligations are met for our clients.

OCA also offers years of experience testing and commissioning all substation devices (breakers, transformers, shunt reactors, switchgear, synchronous condensers, harmonic filters, etc.) both locally and remotely through SCADA. Our team has the ability and resources to interface with local electric utilities and regional transmission organizations to promote a smooth grid integration.

As with all projects, we are dedicated to delivering an incident free work environment and strive to set a safety-first attitude throughout the onshore construction process.