New OCA office in Boston, MA

After over a year of active involvement and support to the US offshore wind industry, we are now cementing our presence in the market with permanent base:

Offshore Construction Associates (US) Inc
120 St James Street, Boston 02116 MA, USA
T +1 857 362 8209

We have seen, from first hand experience, how the level of public and political will to make the US Offshore Wind Business work has increased in the last 12 months. The new office will enable us to support the ever growing number of projects being planned, and provide our expert engineering, management and advisory services locally. This will add value to our Clients’ projects through increased local knowledge and support for their wider political commitments to create an industry based in the USA.

For permanent opportunities with OCA in Boston, please feel free to visit our Careers page.


Offshore Consultant US003

Role Summary

The primary focus is to provide technical support and deliver value adding services to our Clients, whilst also supporting the development of OCA’s US business. This will require an energetic and outgoing individual, with technical and leadership skills, to assist the Manager delivering the planned growth.

Role ID: US003 Role Title: Offshore Consultant Reporting to: Senior Offshroe Consultant & Manager Manager for: None Base Location: Boston, MA

Senior Consultant & Manager US001

Role Summary

The primary focus is to manage the development of the US operations from a startup into a fully self-sufficient consultancy business. This will require an energetic and outgoing individual, with excellent networking, interpersonal and organizational skills, and the ability to work independently. The role will be supported initially with resources from the UK and Europe and subsequently by US resources.

Role ID: US001
Role Title: Senior Consultant & Manager
Reporting to: President
Manager for: Consultants (when recruited)
Base Location: Boston, MA

New Bedford Harbour

AWEA Offshore Windpower 2018 – Looking for US Partners

OCA will be in Washington DC on October 16-17 to attend the AWEA Offshore Windpower 2018 Conference.

While the offshore wind market continues to thrive and grow in Europe, overseas developments are predicted to grow rapidly over the next few years. With this in mind, OCA will be in the US to look at expanding our current US services into a permanent presence. We are particularly looking for potential partners, employees and suppliers to help us deliver safe and efficient solutions to this exciting new market.

ocean horizon

International Tidal Energy Summit and Offshore Wind Europe 2017

OCA will be attending both the International Tidal Energy Summit and the Offshore Wind Europe 2017 events in London over the next two days.

While the offshore wind market continues to thrive and grow in Europe and beyond, there is a welcome focus on R&D in the tidal market, to integrate current industry knowledge (e.g. from Bay of Fundy demonstrator below) and develop news ways of reducing costs and controlling progress. OCA will be discussing how our experiences and significant lessons learned library can deliver offshore construction works faster and with lower risk to investors.

Image SUT

Floating Wind: an Evolution or a Revolution?

Offshore Construction Associates is looking forward attending the Society of Underwater presentation tonight in London.

Floating wind has taken it to the next level in the last days with the world's first floating wind farm who started production in Scotland (Hywind) and the first floating WTG being installed in France (Floatgen).

Understanding the engineering challenges and the lessons learnt associated to Floating wind technologies is essential to OCA to optimize cost and to reduce risks on our Client Projects.

Come to meet us!

FWP Atlantic Forum 2017

Attending to FWP Atlantic Forum 2017

We are delighted to announce that OCA will be in St Nazaire and Lorient, from the 02/10/2017 to the 04/10/2017, to attend to the Floating Wind Power Atlantic Forum.

Our Engineering Manager, Rémi Molinengo, will be available to introduce how our skills, knowledge and lessons learnt from wider industries can create value and opportunities for these innovative Marine Renewable Energy concepts.
We are also participating in the B2B matchmaking session, so if you would like to find out what OCA expertise can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us for a meeting.


Positive French Market Developments

Offshore Construction Associates France sas has now completed its first six months trading – delivering independent offshore experience to the 1GW of Les Eoliennes en Mers projects and other European developers and Contractors.

Based in Paris, we have good access to to the the emerging French market, and with the projects announced in 2016, the next few years in France should be very positive.


Attending RenewableUK Global Offshore Wind 2016

Nick will be at the RenewableUK Conference in Manchester for both Tuesday and Wednesday this week. It will be a good opportunity to meet some new contacts, say hello to some old faces and also learn more about how the industry will be developing over the next few years.

We are particularly looking forward to the H&S Event regarding Emergency Response Planning, where lessons from industry experience will be discussed among a learned audience. At OCA we know it is vital we can effectively combine our own experience with up to date information from the wider industry to provide the most effective advice to our Clients.


Blue Piling Technology at the ICE

OCA attended the OES and BGA joint meeting Blue Piling Technology: Driving the largest piles offshore with water at the ICE last night. A good chance to catch up with the industry and meet some new people. The tech looks promising, particularly if other countries (including the UK) follow the German example of a statutory limit for underwater noise.

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