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International Tidal Energy Summit and Offshore Wind Europe 2017

OCA will be attending both the International Tidal Energy Summit and the Offshore Wind Europe 2017 events in London over the next two days.

While the offshore wind market continues to thrive and grow in Europe and beyond, there is a welcome focus on R&D in the tidal market, to integrate current industry knowledge (e.g. from Bay of Fundy demonstrator below) and develop news ways of reducing costs and controlling progress. OCA will be discussing how our experiences and significant lessons learned library can deliver offshore construction works faster and with lower risk to investors.

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Floating Wind: an Evolution or a Revolution?

Offshore Construction Associates is looking forward attending the Society of Underwater presentation tonight in London.

Floating wind has taken it to the next level in the last days with the world's first floating wind farm who started production in Scotland (Hywind) and the first floating WTG being installed in France (Floatgen).

Understanding the engineering challenges and the lessons learnt associated to Floating wind technologies is essential to OCA to optimize cost and to reduce risks on our Client Projects.

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FWP Atlantic Forum 2017

Attending to FWP Atlantic Forum 2017

We are delighted to announce that OCA will be in St Nazaire and Lorient, from the 02/10/2017 to the 04/10/2017, to attend to the Floating Wind Power Atlantic Forum.

Our Engineering Manager, Rémi Molinengo, will be available to introduce how our skills, knowledge and lessons learnt from wider industries can create value and opportunities for these innovative Marine Renewable Energy concepts.
We are also participating in the B2B matchmaking session, so if you would like to find out what OCA expertise can do for you, do not hesitate to contact us for a meeting.

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