US operations expansion to support Vineyard Wind 1 contract

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our US operations in line with the agreed extension of their installation management services contract with Vineyard Wind 1 (VW1). The additional services will be delivered by a growing team that is based in and around the Boston area. The work will include both project engineering for Array Cables and permitting support for the Export Cable scope. OCA’s support of the VW1 project has been the foundation upon which the company’s US presence has been built. In 2019, OCA only had two employees working in the US but is now currently in the hiring process for their 8th US based employee. The increased support of the VW1 project will allow OCA to continue on their growth trajectory, it will benefit the local economy and it will help bring clean renewable energy to Massachusetts and beyond.

OCA’s Vice President for the US, Martin Christensen, commented: “The extension of our involvement in the VW1 project is an immense success for our US business. It reflects the appeal of our US staff focused strategy, which proactively supports the growth of the US offshore wind industry here in United States.”

“OCA’s expansion to serve the Vineyard Wind 1 project shows that the offshore wind industry can and will deliver the local jobs that are necessary for its success here in the US,” said Vineyard Wind CEO Klaus Moeller.  “The opportunity for residents to work in this industry will only grow in the years to come.”

The team delivering the expanded scope is 100% US based and contains both oil and gas trained talent and local graduate resources, all of whom have gained significant experience in the US offshore wind industry by working at OCA.

Martin Christensen adds “We strongly believe this is the only sustainable way to develop our team and it is aligned with Vineyard Wind’s own commitment to build the local supply chain in Massachusetts.”

Offshore Construction Associates opened their office in Boston in February 2019, and supports not only VW1 but other US East and West Coast based projects as well as collaborating with UK colleagues on multiple projects in APAC.