Supporting the U.S. FLOWIN prize

With the FLOWIN Prize Phase 2 submittal completed at the beginning of March, OCA is proud to highlight our contributions to this ground-breaking initiative in collaboration with Technip Energies.
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO), the FLOWIN Prize is designed to transform the production and installation of floating offshore wind turbines across all U.S. coastlines. This initiative is important for expanding the offshore wind sector, particularly focusing on floating technologies that are vital for deep-water regions. It directly supports the broader goal of transitioning the U.S. to a more sustainable electricity grid by 2035 and achieving a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.

Our collaboration with Technip Energies has been focused on providing due diligence support for their offshore wind floating foundation concept, looking to turn proven designs into mass-produced solutions for large-scale wind farms. We’ve been involved in developing and accessing production procedures, identifying and evaluating risks, and offering our wide-ranging expertise in floating offshore wind practices. Our team has actively contributed to the development of Technip Energies’ manufacturing, integration, deployment plans, and risk assessments, offering our insights and recommendations to refine their strategies.

We’re proud to support Technip Energies in this venture and eager to contribute to the FLOWIN Prize’s goals for a sustainable energy future.