OCA oversees first US manufactured export cable load out

A major supply-chain milestone in the US offshore wind industry has been achieved as Nexans High Voltage USA Inc, the first US-based high voltage subsea export cable fabricator, completed their inaugural cable load-out operations recently at their facility in Goose Creek, South Carolina.  As part of a larger European offshore wind development project, Cameron McPartland and John O’Malley from OCA have been providing third-party oversight of Nexans’ cable manufacturing and load-out operations.  The project set to receive this cable will be the first European project to have significant offshore wind components sourced from a US supplier and demonstrates the transfer of knowledge and training from a European workforce to operations within the US.

US-based cable fabrication capabilities supporting both the local & global offshore wind industries are expanding and will undoubtedly alleviate some world-wide supply chain challenges that are currently being faced by the industry. OCA is excited to be a part of this major industry milestone and looks forward to providing future value and services in this developing market.