Life at OCA: Martin celebrates 3 year anniversary

OCA’s US Vice President and lead consultant Martin Christensen is celebrating 3 years at OCA this month.
Martin joined as the US Business Manager and was just the fourth employee of the company. Fast forward three years and OCA now has 11 employees in the US and 24 globally.

Martin reflects on his past 3 years and the future for US Offshore wind;
This rapid growth in the company has been very exciting to be a part of. It has enabled a substantial increase in our capabilities and expertise and has allowed us to work across a variety of packages, on many different projects and with a burgeoning list of developers. The exploding industry has given OCA employees the opportunity to challenge themselves and broaden their skillsets in a very short period of time.

My work at OCA has been varied, in my first year with OCA I spent 120+ days offshore overseeing site investigations on significant projects. As a veteran of multiple military deployments and long mountaineering expeditions I related well to living offshore on a vessel for extended periods of time. The comradery, hands on work and being out there executing work was fulfilling.
Subsequently, I also managed HDD engineering and assisting in the onshore works (cable routing, substation design, etc.) for another major client.

Over the past 10 months, I’ve been managing multiple large-scale G&G campaigns across several lease areas for a large developer. I’ve been able to apply my project management skills while continuing to learn the industry. Along the way I’ve met and worked with a lot of great people.
I’m excited for what the future holds for the US market and OCA. The US doesn’t like to play second fiddle to anyone, and we have been just that when it comes to offshore wind. Thankfully, we’re now starting to see the opportunity this industry presents, and I think we’ll be a global leader in the supply chain, project execution and ultimately GW produced in a couple years’ time.