Life at OCA

Cameron McPartland
Senior Consultant, USA

What did you do before working at OCA?

Previously to my offshore wind career, I worked in the local maritime and construction industries, in both professional and operational roles. I have experience as a project engineer and supervisor involved in all business operations of a metal fabrication company. I also have previous financial and commercial training with day-to-day knowledge of steelwork fabrication, quality control processes, and commercial management in a construction environment.

I’m well versed in offshore commercial vessel operations, having worked on large scale fishing vessels. I also have a background in terminal operations involved in onshore maritime logistics engaging with terminal managers, container operations managers, stevedores, yard superintendents, and safety teams.

What is it like to work at OCA?

OCA is a well-rounded group of engineering, management, and construction specialists, and every team member is devoted to collaboration and providing a valuable product to our clients. We are a motivated and high performing team. The most exciting aspect about a career with OCA is managing a diverse project portfolio alongside a team of knowledgeable professionals.

What kind of work have you been involved in with OCA?

Since joining the company in 2019, I have been deeply involved in a range of innovative projects across the United States as well as in other regions of the world which have all contributed to my growing level of expertise in offshore construction and project management. My career journey so far demonstrates the diversity of work OCA are involved in.

Some examples of my work are;

  • Project Manager providing crucial support for site service activities in a US OWF project.
  • On-site supervision in Charleston, SC overseeing the production of export and type test cables.
  • Project Engineer for a pioneering Confidential US West Coast FOW project.
  • Consultant for a South Korean project involved in drafting Employer Requirements and reviewing Transportation and Installation (T&I) Tenders
  • Project Engineer/Manager conducting feasibility studies for three separate offshore lease areas in the Gulf of Mexico.


Working on these projects, along with my ongoing role in Offshore Construction Associates, has solidified my understanding of the intricacies of offshore wind energy. The collaborative nature of OCA and the offshore wind industry as a whole has allowed me to leverage my skills and experience to contribute meaningfully to each project.


Why did you choose to work in Offshore Wind?

United States fiscal policy on energy has clearly been shifting toward renewables. Energy companies are increasingly diversifying their portfolios away from Oil & Gas, to include various sectors of renewable energy. In my opinion, offshore wind provides many advantages to onshore wind, solar and wave energy. The opportunities to gain understanding of a new developing market within the US was evident.