Knowledge Sharing

We are always looking for new ways to share knowledge and experience in our team, and across the wider industry community. It’s part of what we feel makes OCA a fun and interesting place to work.

Internally, one of the key tactics we have adopted is to share our staff’s career history with the rest of the team. It has identified a number of shared experiences, often on very different projects, and highlighted that many onshore projects can provide valuable lessons learned for the offshore wind sector too (like the value of careful preparation and attention to detail needed to fabricate these handrails – thanks Cameron McPartland).

Externally, our tactics are to share knowledge on offshore wind more generally. In particular we are keen to share our teams’s personal experiences, how their own career has developed, and the opportunities we can see for those not already working in the industry to get involved. Martin Christensen and Stephen Doran will talking about their own journeys into offshore wind at the BSCES in Boston, later this summer.