An introduction to… June Lee, Lead Consultant

June started at OCA just over a year ago and has been involved in many innovative projects throughout his career, read more about his 20 years experience.

I started out studying Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in Seoul National University, South Korea and continued my studies at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, where I completed a PhD in the same faculty. I remember being fascinated by the fact that very large ships, composed of many complex mechanical and electrical systems, could float, and cruise the harsh ocean environment and this inspired me to work in this field in my future career.

Before moving to the Greater Boston Area with my family in 2020, I worked for 17 years at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea. At Samsung I was part of its pioneering European Offshore Wind Business between 2010 and 2014 where I led the Offshore Wind Task Force team in the development of a prototype WTG with jacket foundation for an application in the UK.

When I joined OCA in 2021, it was a pivotal year for the offshore wind industry in the US both in terms of political support and project development. I am incredibly pleased to be able to contribute to the growth of the industry and to the growth of OCA by bringing my experience and expertise in the design of floating offshore structures, engineering, and project management, and to resume my “unfinished business” in the field of Offshore Wind since 2014.

Over the last year I have worked on multiple projects with varied scopes including management of site quality assurance services for project monopile fabrication activities. Additionally, I led a port assessment study for Floating OWF applications on the US West Coast. Through this assessment, I furthered my technical knowledge and expertise in floating offshore wind, which is a personal technical interest of mine given my educational background and previous experience. The next five years will see floating wind progress to full-scale demonstration projects and on to commercial-scale deployments, this is an area that OCA are extremely excited to be able to offer clients tailor-made services to meet their project needs.

Finally, I’d like to mention the OCA corporate culture, which is a unique working environment and very different to my previous experiences. OCA’s greatest strength is that consultants with different backgrounds and experience work flexibly and support each other to produce the best solutions for our client’s needs. As I am used to working in large corporations overcoming the barriers of departmental egoism in the past, this flexible and friendly collaborating culture is very helpful for me to conduct challenging work.