Five simple rules we use to guide our approach to delivering expertise to our Clients. 

Keep safety as your first priority

Creating a safe working environment during offshore construction is not always straight forward, and usually requires extensive planning and engineering to achieve. However, a safe working environment is usually more productive, and work is typically completed correctly at the first attempt (see Rule 4).

Learn lessons from the wider industry

Very few projects are truly ground breaking, so most of your planned operations should already have caused lessons learnt on how to do them quicker, safer and more cost effectively the next time. You just have to find them.

Define your project scope very clearly

Make sure you know exactly what you want to end up with, and that you understand the steps required to get there effectively, so you don't enter into a cycle of iterative scope development when construction offshore has already started.

Schedule is king - don't delay

The capital value of offshore construction work is usually very high and having equipment standing idle or plant being incomplete usually has a direct and very significant effect on project budgets. Make sure you know what is required (see Rule 3) and you can do it right first time (see Rule 1).

Manage your risks proactively

You need to know what you want to do (see Rule 3) and what the risks and mitigation actions are for that approach (see Rule 2). You also need to recognize the necessity to iterate your timescale, budget and scope to allow to mitigate the risks. Take action now to save problems later.


We offer our clients practical construction expertise for offshore projects, delivered by people with a pragmatic and realistic approach to problem solving and value creation.


Execution Planning

We use a proven delivery model for planning the execution of an offshore construction project. We know that extensive onshore scoping and engineering prior to committing resources to offshore works results in better quality results, on time delivery and safe and effective offshore campaign. We proactively focus on the schedule, risks and quality of delivery, enable the project team to manage the works efficiently and effectively.


Procurement Support

We ensure technical and commercial aims are fully documented and remain in focus throughout the tender, negotiation and post contract award. We can prepare scopes of work, assess if suitable levels of technical detail are provided in the documents, build a robust technical evaluation process and advise on the likely market approach from suppliers. Our support will add value and ensure that commercial negotiations do not unknowingly add risk to the quality of the services.


Engineering Audits

We understand the transport and installation processes for offshore structures, and can provide a detailed review of procedures. We can provide internal assurance of the quality of the processes, review the detailed design calculations, or assess overall procedural completeness and the robustness of the schedule. We have experience of engineering for all major offshore construction works, including: load out, seagoing transportation, pile installation and offshore welding processes.


Survey Management

We have extensive experience of managing the interface to Marine Warranty Surveyor and working with insurance companies, loss adjusters and the insured parties. Using our experience of work within MWS organisations, we can assist with procuring MWS services from the market, and ensuring the Client and Insurer objectives are fulfilled appropriately without delay to project progress.


Installation Management

Working client side, or as part of the EPC Contractor, we can lead or support the installation works. Typically we provide the service throughout the project process, leading planning, procurement, engineering and execution, including management of offshore works and supervision.


Offshore Supervision

Our team have all worked offshore, working in supervisory role for Clients, or delivering the work directly. We know the importance of monitoring and recording the quality of the works and providing a continuous audit of safety and progress, and combine this with successfully managing the day to day interfaces with the Contractors, vessel crews and other marine operations.

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