Life at OCA

Tom Crisp
Lead Consultant, UK

What did you do before working at OCA?

Prior to working at OCA I was a consultant Engineer working primarily with offshore installation contractors.

I have worked on many offshore wind projects, performing engineering studies to optimize client’s operations.

What is it like to work at OCA?

OCA prioritizes developing a team of friendly, knowledgeable, and professional people.

This means that the company has developed a great culture and are a pleasure to work for.

I wanted to join a dynamic organization with a strong emphasis on teamwork and a broad range of expertise. After speaking with some of the team I knew that I had found a great place to work.

The nature of OCA’s work is exciting as they are involved in a great variety of new and challenging projects.

Why did you choose to work in Offshore Wind?

Offshore wind is still a relatively new industry and therefore offers many novel challenges which must be overcome.

It is a growing industry with a lot of opportunities where I can utilize my skills in offshore engineering.