Life at OCA

Catherine Ambrose

What did you do before working at OCA?

I’m a career consultant and project manager having previously worked for Atkins and ERM.  My background is in strategic sustainability and stakeholder engagement, working at the project planning stage to enhance development proposals to meet client and wider stakeholder needs and expectations.

What is it like to work at OCA?

OCA is a genuinely friendly company to work for, where all employees are interested in, and look out for, each other.  The passion to deliver quality work is strong, as is the pride that OCA employees take in doing a good job.

How did you come to work at OCA?

I joined OCA following extended maternity leave and have been offered extremely flexible working hours.  I wanted to find a smaller and more exciting company to work for and OCA has provided exactly that.

Why did you choose to work in Offshore Wind?

Being passionate about sustainability, I wanted to work in an industry which really felt like it would make a difference.