Life at OCA

Azzdine Bouzidi
Project Consultant, UK

What did you do before working at OCA?

Before OCA, I worked for the French Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport, for almost a decade, as an Operations Manager.

I was responsible for managing different projects in the public infrastructure sector from project management, construction and commissioning to operation and compliance. I was fortunate to be involved in some fantastic and challenging projects in the hectic capital city of France amongst, motorways upgrades & structural reinforcement, bridges maintenance & equipment as well as tunnel modernization & standardization.

What is it like to work at OCA?

To be honest, the first thing that I find amazing about OCA is its “Family Culture” where everyone is friendly, caring, and supportive of one another. Although it is located internationally, I feel like we all work from the same office, thanks to its values that promote a collaborative work environment, continuous learning, and shared knowledge.

One of the most attractive traits of working at OCA is this priceless combination of its expertise in the offshore wind industry while having fun and enjoying the work. I am very grateful to be one of the “OCA family members” working alongside like-minded experts and enjoying the view of the City from the iconic Peckham Levels offices.

Why did you choose to work in Offshore Wind?

My previous role in the infrastructure industry led me to make the  jump into renewables to make a positive impact on our planet and for future generations.

Firstly, I see lots  of potential for wind energy to be a great solution for generating clean electricity and there are lots of opportunities especially in the rapidly growing offshore sector. Secondly although windfarms look simple at first , they are  technically complex , and this is what I like the most!