2020 US Offshore Supervision – Offshore Geotech

US Offshore Supervision - Offshore Geotech

Provision of offshore supervision for geotechnical investigations

Management: Working with our partner consultancy in the UK, OCA have just completed a 4 month offshore supervision for a major developer on one of their US portfolio projects. We provided a team comprising a transatlantic resource pool, with US and EU based personnel. Proactively addressing the challenges raised by the global COVID-19 pandemic, OCA proposed a testing regime that would remove the need for extended quarantine of staff prior to boarding. Our team's presence provided our Client with the robust and effective presence they required to to ensure the safe and efficeint collection of data from multiple nearshore sites using seabed CPT, Fielax and vibrocores. Works were conducted from a floating vessel, with PSOs employed throughout to ensure marine mammals were unaffected by the works.