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Jared Mattern listed URI Expert in Blue Economy

Jared Mattern has been identified as a leading light in the blue economy sector this week.

The University of Rhode Island has named Jared one of its panel of Experts alongside fellow Alumni working for the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, Orsted and NOAA.

Jared’s recent experience includes transportation and installation modeling of offshore construction logistics to maximize value. This covered all asset types, foundation and installation concepts, and a variety of East Coast ports, utilizing OCA’s wide network of experts to benchmark each scenario. The modelling outputs provided clear information for the choice for both installation strategy and overall execution timeline.


OCA USA: Are you our new Senior T&I Consultant?

Role ID: US004 

Role Title: Senior T&I Consultant 

Base Location: New Jersey, New York or Massachusetts

Role Summary

The primary focus is to provide technical support and deliver value adding T&I advisory services to our Clients.

What We Offer

We will provide direct project experience from day one, working on major offshore wind projects. This could involve travel in the US, Europe or globally, and working offshore during construction. We will support you with training to help develop and grow your offshore wind industry knowledge and capabilities. This will involve travel to the UK and direct interaction with our extensive pool of expertise.

Who We Need

We are looking for a driven and outgoing individual who wants to help us deliver the US offshore wind industry and grow their career within our organization. If you have engineering & project management experience in the US offshore industries, we are very keen to hear from you.


OCA welcomes Mark Edwards to UK team in London

OCA’s UK team grew again this week with Mark Edwards joining as Lead Consultant.

Mark will be leading the team based in London, focused on providing support and guidance to Clients with projects in the UK and Europe, and supporting OCA’s service provision in the US and APAC markets.

Mark is an offshore wind industry native, having spend his whole career working across the value chain, with a broad engineering and commercial skill set. With 10 years’ experience and a passion for delivering renewable energy, he brings a deep and practical knowledge of project development, execution and operations on multiple offshore wind assets. This includes having worked on seven of Ørsted’s UK windfarms and led the technical development process and operations packages on three of the world’s largest windfarms.

In addition to his role leading the UK team, Mark will lead OCA’s global investment and advisory services, helping Clients harnessing value opportunities through their project lifecycles.

If you would like to find out more about how Mark and his team can help, please reach out to us via our Contact page.

If you would like to join us and see opportunities to work for OCA, please reach out to us via the Careers page of our website.


OCA welcomes Catherine Ambrose to UK team in London

OCA’s UK team grew again this week with Catherine Ambrose joining us as a Project Consultant.

Catherine is a project manager with 9 years’ experience delivering consultancy projects in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Her approach to project management is rooted in proactive stakeholder engagement, focused on helping our clients to successfully and effectively achieve their objectives. She has worked with a broad range of blue-chip clients, helping them to understand and improve sustainability impacts of their business, and embed sustainability considerations in the corporate decision-making process.

Catherine will be a key player in our expanding portfolio of consultancy work in the US, European and APAC markets, and provide leadership on stakeholder engagement and environmental services.

If you would like to join us and see opportunities to work for OCA, please reach out to us via the Careers page of our website.

Boston Office

OCA welcomes Stephen Doran to US team in Boston

OCA’s US team grew again this week with Stephen Doran joining our Boston based team. As our Senior Consultant for electrical systems, Stephen has already started working for a major Client to support the delivery of their works in the US.

An electrical engineering professional with over 12 years’ experience of offshore and subsea project delivery, Stephen brings a wealth of US and global industry experience. This includes development, design, manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning of overall systems and bespoke products, and control of certification & quality processes.

His work at OCA will be focused on electrical systems within offshore wind projects, including design and fabrication process, quality control and offshore installation and commissioning works.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities to work for OCA, please reach out to us via the Careers page of our website.

Boston Office

OCA welcomes Jared Mattern to US team in Boston

This week Jared Matern became the first new full time OCA employee of 2020. Joining our Boston office as a Project Consultant, Jared has already been working for OCA during a summer internship for us.

Recently graduating from University of of Rhode Island, Jared had already made a significant contribution to our workload this summer, delivering T&I logistics analysis for a major US offshore windfarm development. He also brings a significant breadth of technical knowledge from previous work experience, having spent time offshore dredging, and designing reclamation and coastal engineering projects in the south east US.

His work at OCA will be focused on development of several offshore wind projects in the USA, and R&D for OCA’s wider global portfolio.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities to work for OCA, please reach out to us via the Careers page of our website.


OCA welcomes new Junior Consultant, Jesse Murray

This week Jesse Murray became OCA’s first new employee of 2020. Joining our Boston office as a Junior Consultant, Jesse is the first holder of an OCA internship.

OCA’s Martin Christensen welcomes Jesse Murray to the Boston Office

Currently a Senior at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Jesse has already made a significant contribution to our workload. His design skills have been key to implementation of internal knowledge management systems and his marine business experience will shortly be supporting our ongoing our project work in the US.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities to work for OCA, please reach out to us via the Careers page of our website.

camcp working 2019

Offshore Construction Associates: My First Four Months

by Cameron McPartland

I joined Offshore Construction Associates as Project Consultant in July 2019 after several years of managing small-scale construction projects and working in the fishing industry. My experience over the last four months has shown me how that experience is relevant to many aspects of large-scale offshore construction projects, but also how there is a constant need to incorporate new learning into my skill set.

I was in the audience when OCA’s Nick Wordsworth came to speak at MMA in April 2019

Learning Curve 

On initially joining OCA, I became heavily involved in an ongoing offshore wind farm project. I immediately assumed duties in assisting the foundations package manager and fabrication package manager. This included the organization of discussions between designers, engineers, suppliers and developers, preparation of tender documents, and involvement in many of the interface meetings. As a result, I’ve gained invaluable insight into the offshore construction project management process.

Current Projects 

I’m now working on transport and installation feasibility analysis for multiple offshore wind projects, and not just in the USA. I’m already utilizing what I’ve already learnt, but also realizing the different challenges that new markets present.

Another key part of my role is developing in-house programs that align with OCA’s company objectives – particularly in expanding US based offshore wind resources. One such task is to help create an interactive program that is designed to upskill new entrants into the offshore wind industry. Using OCA’s resources and experience, this program will be offer a breadth and depth of that knowledge that goes beyond publicly available information, and is designed to be a more efficient and practical approach to a conventional three or five-day course.  

I’m also developing a contingency program that will help guide projects when certain issues arise. Over the last three months, I‘ve witnessed many of the challenges and areas of concern encountered while developing an offshore wind farm in a new market and I plan to address these in that model.  The management team at OCA are committed to minimizing risk and having the proper solutions in place for when unexpected events occur, and from my previous experience working at sea I know how important this approach can be. 

Future Plans 

My previous construction and fabrication background blended with my current offshore project consultant role has helped me to assure my future goals and aspirations. A key skill I plan to hone further is that of project management in order to enhance my knowledge of large-scale offshore projects, specifically in the US offshore wind industry.  

My goal is to achieve maximum market expertise and provide distinct project management services that cannot be replicated. I want to be more informed in creating value throughout a project’s lifecycle, whether it be planning in the office or ensuring safe execution in the field. Offshore Construction Associates and my own goals are completely aligned – they are supportive in my efforts to extend my knowledge and committed to me adapting to all potential scenarios.  

As someone who strives to become a more versatile player in the offshore wind industry and believes that no problem is too complicated, I’m really enjoying my time working at OCA and hope to progress may career with them for a long time to come. 

march 2019

OCA Welcomes Martin Christensen, our new US Business Manager

OCA are delighted to announce the appointment of Martin Christensen as the new US Business Manager. Martin will be based in Boston and will lead OCA’s US services, managing and developing our team in Massachusetts, and also deliver his wide ranging expertise to our Clients.

Martin has nearly 15 years’ experience in the energy industry and military, working on project development, project management, finance, engineering and construction scopes. Most recently, he has project-managed the development and delivery of greenfield and brownfield energy infrastructure projects totalling $350 million during which he created corporate cost savings in excess of $10 million. He has extensive knowledge of the energy project permitting process, the negotiation of project labour agreements and the management of local supply chains within the New England region. Combined with OCA’s global experience and knowledge, we are confident Martin will provide a highly valuable resource to the ongoing development of the US offshore wind industry.

OCA’s Max Cantrell welcomes new US Business Manager, Martin Christensen

If you would like to find out more about Martin’s skill sets and how OCA’s experience and range of expertise could help your business, please reach out to us via the Contacts page of our website.

Boston Office

AWEA Offshore Wind Conference 2019 – Boston

Michael Saint James and Nick Wordsworth will be at the conference to discuss how OCA can add value through our service delivery here in the US.

If you would like to find out more about OCA’s experience and range of expertise, please reach out to either Michael or Nick through the conference networking tools, or via the Contacts page of our website.

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