Working for OCA

Offshore Construction Associates is a consultancy firm which harnesses the top talent within the offshore construction sector.

With offices in London and Boston, our focus is on:

  • creating innovative and value-added solutions for clients
  • managing risk and getting everyone home safely
  • a better environment in which to work and live.

Benefits of working for OCA include:

  • global portfolio of work
  • flexible working, vacations and benefits
  • investment in human expertise and development
  • an engaging working experience
  • strong ethos of equal opportunity and collaboration.

We employ the expertise of people from a wide range of backgrounds and specialisms, looking for independence of thought and a pragmatic and realistic approach to problem-solving.

Our employees and associates around the world make us the team we are, so if there is a role opposite you think sounds like you, please apply.

If there isn’t a specific role, please feel free to make an unsolicited application – maybe you are just what we need and we hadn’t realized!

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